Seniors Can Reduce Stress with Ride Share

Seniors Can Reduce Stress with Ride Share

Before we discuss how ride share can reduce stress for seniors, we need to identify the most common causes and/or sources stress.  Current events have magnified the levels of stress experienced by many seniors.

Financial Security

The annual inflation rate for the United States is 7.9% for the 12 months ended February 2022.  This is the highest rate since January 1982.  Many seniors live on fixed incomes and some rely exclusively on social security checks to meet their needs each month. Many older adults have modest savings (if any). Some lack the ability to afford basic medical care. Further, 63% of adults ages 65 and older have at least two chronic medical conditions, leading to increased out-of-pocket expenses. Most adults ages 65 and older receive Social Security benefits. The average benefit for a retired worker is $1,514 per month.  Worrying about how to make ends meet is a serious concern.

Transportation Costs

Triple A reports that the average Annual Cost of New Car Ownership Increases 5% to $9,282 or $773 per month.  AAA dives into the data every year to produce a comprehensive review of ownership costs across nine different categories of new vehicles. AAA found that average costs increased in every expense category it analyzed:

  • - Fuel costs rose to 11.6 cents per mile, up about half a cent from last year.
  • - Maintenance, repair and tire costs climbed to 8.94 cents per mile, up 0.73 cents.
  • - Annual average insurance costs inched up to $1,194 per year, a $5 increase.
  • - Licensing, registration and taxes rose to $753 per year, up $14.

Senior Ride Share Clubs can help seniors mitigate the rising costs of transportation.

Loss of Independence

Research shows one of the biggest concerns among seniors is the ability to live independently for as long as possible. Independence is a simple concept. At its most basic level, it means having full autonomy over one’s own life. Most seniors are able to live independently, but some will require different levels of assistance.  Senior Ride Share Clubs can help seniors continue to live independently. 

Loneliness and Depression

The loss of a close friend or a spouse or the decision to stop driving, cause a significant reduction in the amount of time a Senior can spend with other people. Changes in the amount of time spent with others can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness and result in significant stress. Research shows that about 28 percent of adults aged 50-80 years felt depressed or hopeless for several days or more within the past two weeks and 44 percent reported feeling stressed. Senior Ride Share Clubs can help seniors stay engaged with friends, family and the community.

Senior Ride Share Clubs

What Makes Reliable Rider (RR) Different?

Reliable Rider Clubs can provide shared mobility for Seniors who want the Dollar Savings of Shared Ownership. Many seniors no longer want the liabilities of driving, auto ownership and maintenance for a variety of reasons. With shared ownership the operating costs of transportation are divided by the number of members in the club and by the miles of transportation used by each member. Operating costs include: drivers, vehicles, insurance, fuel, service maintenance, repairs and administrative costs. Seniors want safety, a competitive price, and availability. Reliable Rider Clubs (DBA’s) are motivated by cost-savings and operational-efficiencies for club members, rather than by profits generated for corporate shareholders and stakeholders.  If a Senior Ride Share Club is interesting to you - register your interest.

Reliable Rider Clubs provide a host of benefits for Seniors. All applicants for club membership receive background checks of criminal history prior to having their membership approved. Applicants pay for their own background check ($75 non-refundable). Clubs will have no more than 30 to 60 members in their Members Only Ride Share System. Club members can book their ride pickup time and location and the destination location up to 90 days in advance.  Other club members can share the same ride if their pickup location and destination location align with the route.  Club members pay $250 per month for up to 250 miles of transportation in that month.  If a club member uses more than 250 miles of transportation in any month, their credit card will be billed $1.50 per extra mile. 

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