Self-Managed, Shared Ownership Clubs

Self-Managed, Shared Ownership Clubs

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Self-managed means making your own decisions about how to organize and manage your shared ownership ride share club. Reliable Rider Clubs (DBA’s) are motivated by cost-savings and operational-efficiencies for club members, rather than by profits generated for corporate shareholders and stakeholders.  In a self-managed business, every club member (owner) voluntarily engages with the mission, values and goals of the enterprise.  Over time each Reliable Rider Club develops and evolves around its member’s values, motives and preferences. In a self-managed business, leadership can arise from anywhere at any time. Since no one person is in authority, leaders exist everywhere or anywhere in the club. The club makes management decisions in a democratic manner (by voting). In self-managed businesses, everyone is free to develop and apply competencies in business strategy, finance, management, leadership, teamwork, communications, hiring, negotiation or any other management competency.  Club Members can take the initiative with their ideas, but first, they will have to create buy-in for their ideas and innovations.

Why Self-Managed Businesses Are More Successful

The reasons for the success of self-managed businesses have been known for a long time.  Empowerment means people having power and control over their own lives.  Ownership creates the power to make decisions. When people are encouraged to bring the whole, creative, person to the tasks at hand, they take ownership in ways they never would before. Ownership is the most powerful motivator in business. A business where everyone takes ownership has found the secret to success.  Empowerment provides members (owners) with choices, tools and resources to facilitate decision-making, allowing those members to tailor a service or a brand experience to suit their own specific needs and desires. Allowing club members to make choices and take actions results in happier, more satisfied members.  Happier members will engage with the club in a more positive way and they may even become club evangelists.

Self-managed Rideshare Clubs

Zip Code based Ride Share Clubs USA provide a number of benefits for their club members.  All applicants for club membership receive background checks of criminal history prior to having their membership approved.  Applicants pay for their own background check ($75 non-refundable). Clubs will have no more than 30 to 60 members in their Members Only Ride Share System.  Club members can book their ride pickup time and location and the destination location up to 90 days in advance.  Other club members can share the same ride if their pickup location and destination location align with the route.  Club members pay $250 per month for up to 250 miles of transportation in that month.  If a club member uses more than 250 miles of transportation in any month, their credit card will be billed $1.50 per extra mile.  Club members will have access to the records of rides provided and miles used by club members.  The first online Zoom meeting will be scheduled for Club Members within 4 business days of paying their first month’s club membership fee. The first online meeting will have 5 tasks to accomplish.

- Select the Club’s first Auto.  Select between a Toyota Prius, The Nissan Rogue, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Malibu, Hyundai Sonata, and Ford Fusion. Estimated mileage per gallon is a key consideration.

- Select the Club’s first 3 drivers and 1 substitute driver.   Several Driver candidate’s background information will be presented to the club members during the initial zoom meeting. The substitute driver covers the primary drivers if they are sick or unable to drive.

- Select the Auto Insurance Provider.  Reliable Rider will present at least three choices for local auto insurance providers.  

- Select the Auto Maintenance Service Provider. Reliable Rider will present three local choices for auto maintenance and service. All Auto Service expense records will be included in the Club’s QuickBooks Online transactions.

- Select the Fueling Stations. Reliable Rider will present three choices. Fuel purchase records will be included in the club’s QuickBooks Online transactions.

Why Join a Reliable Rider Club?

Our clubs are attractive to Senior Citizens who no longer want to drive or individually own vehicles. People who cannot obtain a driver's license for any reason. People who want to opt out of the Legal Liabilities of driving.  People who want the Dollar Savings of Shared Ownership. People who have Medical Issues or concerns that prevent them from driving. People who want to manage the risks of consuming alcohol at restaurants, bars, music and sporting events. People who value Safety and Security above all other considerations.  Register your interest in becoming a club member.

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