Safe and Secured Rideshare for Seniors

Safe and Secured Rideshare for Seniors

Friday, 29 October 2021

Safety is a central feature of an effective rideshare service. The Reliable Rider Club places a premium on customer security. There are several levels of security for our senior citizen club members. All applicants for club membership are required to complete a background check to verify their current residential address, verify their social security number and review their criminal history record. Other security measures include the following:

- A feedback and rating system for club members and club drivers where observations, concerns and compliments can be registered.

- Member account and profile verifications including: Government issued Picture ID card (driver’s license), recent member photo, credit card authentication and address verification.

- Tracking the club member ride pick-up locations, destinations and miles traveled.

- Instructions on how to use your mobile phone for an SOS alert.

- Our members-only share system does not allow any people into the club vehicles who have not been background checked.

- Club Member ID and Club Driver ID can be observed and verified prior to entering the club vehicle.

Registered Mobile Number Verification

Our customer service associates verify each club member’s contact phone number by sending an OTP (SMS and Voice Channel) to the member’s number when their club membership is activated.

Code of Conduct

Club members can decide to terminate a club driver or a club member based on feedback, ratings or other concerns identified. A majority vote of club members will determine all of the club’s decisions and policies.  The Code of Conduct describes many restricted activities which are not tolerated in the Terms of Use.  

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