Known Drivers and Riders in the USA

Known Drivers and Riders in the USA

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Known Drivers

Reliable Rider Clubs hire experienced drivers who must have at least three years of driving experience. Background checks of criminal history and driver’s records are required. They will have to sign a consent form for their background check. The Reliable Rider Club pays for these background checks. All drivers must meet the minimum age to drive in their city and state. Drivers must have a valid state driver’s license and they must have a good driving record and no serious criminal history. Driver applicants need to produce several identifications including a valid driver’s license with photo, social security number, and proof of residence. A driver can be suspended or terminated if the person is found to have provided false information or documents. If safety concerns or complaints are received from club members, a majority vote by club members can terminate the driver. Three club drivers and one substitute driver are selected for every 30 club members. Each Reliable Rider Club has no more than 30 to 60 members. Your riders will all be Club Members Only, who have all been background checked (no strangers).

Known Riders

Reliable Rider Club members receive background checks of criminal history prior to their membership being activated, which means more safety for drivers and riders. Having a maximum club size of 60 members means you won’t be riding with strangers, but rather with people you see on a weekly or monthly basis. This creates opportunities to build relationships and network within the club, which is not possible with large ride share systems. All Club Members are required to provide a valid credit card number, a current photo ID and their social security number. They will have to sign a consent form for their background check. Their background check cost ($75) will be billed to their credit card. Their current residential address will be verified and their criminal history record will be obtained. The background information reports will be retained in the Reliable Rider administrative databases. Membership will be granted or denied based on a review of the background information obtained by Reliable Rider, LLC. Minor criminal violations will not prohibit someone from membership. The $75 background check fee is non-refundable, even if their membership is not granted. Documented complaints or concerns about club members or club drivers are discussed during the Club’s Online Meetings. Club Members and Club Drivers can be suspended or terminated by a majority vote of the club members.

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