Best Ride Share System for Seniors

Best Ride Share System for Seniors

Friday, 17 September 2021

Getting older doesn't automatically mean that you should stop driving. However, many Senior’s driving abilities diminish greatly when their reflexes slow and their vision deteriorates.  There comes a time for every Senior where driving is no longer safe for you and others on the road. This loss of driving ability is even more pronounced for people who have age-related health conditions, such as dementia, alzheimer’s, hearing or vision problems, strokes, Parkinson's disease, arthritis and diabetes.

About one in six American drivers is 65 and older, according to the AAA.  It’s estimated that this age group will grow to more than 45 million drivers by 2021. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that fatal crashes per mile traveled increase at about age 70 and peak at age 85 and older. Many seniors resist giving up their cars because they don’t want to give up the independence that their car symbolizes.  Many seniors also take a variety of medications, some of which may further impair their driving abilities.

Many seniors need transportation support. Many Seniors struggle to get the supplies they need to remain healthy and safe at home.  Senior ride share clubs can fill a critical need in helping seniors stay healthy and safe while living independently at home.  Safe and secured rideshare for seniors can be a cost-effective transportation alternative.   Social isolation is also a risk factor for many seniors.  Seniors want to come and go and enjoy life on their own terms.  Senior ride share clubs can help prevent them from getting isolated.

Reliable Transportation for Seniors USA

Zip Code based Ride Share Clubs USA provide a host of benefits for their senior users.  All applicants for club membership receive background checks of criminal history prior to having their membership approved.   Applicants pay for their own background check ($75 non-refundable).   Clubs will have no more than 30 to 60 members in their Members Only Ride Share System.  Club members can book their ride pickup time and location and the destination location up to 90 days in advance.  Other club members can share the same ride if their pickup location and destination location align with the route.  Club members pay $250 per month for up to 250 miles of transportation in that month.  If a club member uses more than 250 miles of transportation in any month, their credit card will be billed $1.50 per extra mile.  By ridesharing, we mean two or more persons traveling in an automobile together.

Safe and Secured Rideshare for Seniors

Reliable Rider Clubs are attractive to Senior Citizens who no longer want to drive or individually own vehicles.  Other groups of people who may be interested in joining a club include:  People who cannot obtain a driver's license for any reason.  People who want to opt out of the Legal Liabilities of driving. People who want the Dollar Savings of Shared Ownership. People who have Medical Issues or concerns that prevent them from driving. People who want to manage the risks of consuming alcohol at restaurants, bars, music and sporting events. People who value Safety and Security above all other considerations.

Want to Become a Driver for a Reliable Rider Club?

Driver applicants need to produce several identifications including a valid driver’s license with photo, social security number, and proof of residence.  A driver can be suspended or terminated by the club if the person is found to have provided false information or documents.  If safety concerns or complaints are received from club members, a majority vote by club members can terminate the driver.

Reliable Rider Club drivers need to:

- Meet the minimum driving age. US states have their fixed age criteria for driving.

- Have at least three years of driving experience.

- Have a valid state driver’s license.

- Possess a good driving record.

- Have no serious criminal history.

- Provide proof of residential address.

- Submit a forward-facing, centered photo. It will include his/her full face. The photograph must also reflect the shoulder top. Eyes will not be covered with sunglasses.

Benefits of Driving for a Reliable Rider Club

- You won’t use your own vehicle.  The club provides the ride share vehicles.

- You can drive up to 5 hours per day, 30 hours per week, 52 weeks per year.

- You can earn up to $450 per week or $1800 per month plus tips.

- You will get to choose which five-hour shifts you drive.   The shifts are (6 AM to 11 AM), (12 Noon to 5 PM) or (6 PM to 11 PM).

- You won’t drive on Saturday mornings, although you may drive the club vehicle to a service location for vehicle maintenance.

- Your riders will be Club Members Only, who have all been background checked (no strangers).

- Drivers must be medically fit to drive. If you are sick, a substitute driver will replace you upon request.

- Drivers will be covered by the Club’s Auto Insurance Policy.  Coverage includes auto liability coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, medical payments coverage and personal injury protection.

Register your interest in driving for a Reliable Rider Club.

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